Double added value plus WMS quality

lacquering system with 2-tonne crane system | Foto: Herbert Heim
lacquering system with 2-tonne crane system

We have expanded our modern machinery by two important functions: top-notch sand blasting and lacquering! Even as contract production if desired!

That way we are in a position to offer maximum production depth at optimised reaction times with the familiar WMS quality. For your company that means: a considerable amount of more competitiveness!

Two great added values – from one source!

WMS sandblasting & lacquering

Beside the sand blast system to treat workpiece surfaces and for lacquer preparation (with utomatic material recovery,  separation and processing) WMS runs a state of the art lacquer system for industrial lacquering and corrosion protection according which can process solvent-based and water-based lacquers.

  • drying facility up to  80° C
  • 2-tonne crane system, ground pressure: up to 4 t per sqm
  • maximum workpiece size: 6 m.
  • maximum weight: 10 t of weight.

WMS lacquer cleaning and professional safety

cleaning the lacquering tools| Foto: Herbert Heim
cleaning the lacquering tools

We can clean solvent-based lacquer with a washing-dissolvent and water-based lacquer using an alcohol-cleaner in our universal washing system. Simultaneously automatic and manual cleaning:

  • solvent or B-TEC-H2O cleaner
  • powerful B-TEC extraction
  • excellent cleaning results, with 12 jets per side

For work to be pleasant and healthy, fresh air supply is imperative. That is why we have spared no expense and installed a modern, convenient and fan-assisted respiratory protection system. A self-sufficient battery power supply and double filters permit a minimum of eight hours of work.

See the WMS photogallery - Sandblasting & laquering | Photo: Herbert Heim

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