The WMS Zerspanungstechnik production line

Precision is filigreed, intricate work with a lot of experience!

We process your components in a fully automated way with top modern CNC machines. We thereby precisely adhere to your individual requirements. This means: Especially in contract manufacturing (job order production) you will profit from our strength.

We achieve our goal of zero defects by means of a number of targeted measures:

  • extensive measuring and testing facilities, certified norms such as DIN EN ISO 9001:2015
  • air-conditioned production on 2,000 sq.m. at 20° and a tolerance of +/- 2°
  • slim production processes for minimising causes of defect
  • continuous training measures for employees

The WMS machinery

An overview of our top modern metal-cutting machines:


All WMS machines are self-evidently serviced on a regular basis and are always updated to the state of the art. Elaborated modifications enable clearly improved and above all faster processing. This is why WMS Zerspanungstechnik is also a reference customer of many machine suppliers for machine presentations.

WMS – this is where innovative solutions and efficiency work together in an optimal way.