Turning & Milling | Weingartner MPMC600-5000

The MPMC600-5000 gives us clearly improved efficiency in the medium workpiece area | Photograph: Weingärtner Maschinenbau
For improved efficiency in the medium workpiece area - the MPMC600-5000

WMS is upgrading: more flexible, more economic and a clear performance plus!

WMS has given the go-ahead to produce a new turning/milling centre of the premium manufacturer Weingartner because of the great increase in demand for rotor fabrication.

The new Weingartner MPMC600-5000 allows for economic and productive fabrication of the smaller parts for complex shafts with the familiar WMS quality and reliability. This essentially means turning, milling and deep hole drilling workpieces 100-300mm in diameter with a length of 4000mm, and about 3t in weight. In addition, it could be used as a “backup plan” for the majority of our customer work pieces up to 8t should our MPMC1200 be busy or fail briefly.

This gives us clearly improved efficiency in the medium workpiece area, allowing us to offer machining even more cost-optimised to a certain extent. Depending on the order, even with an up to 3-year price guarantee!

Technical data

Turning diameter over bed 820 mm
Diameter over steady rest carriage 635 mm
Turning length plus 500mm face machining 5.000 mm
Weight max. 8.000 kg
Steady rest area 80-390 mm
Power unit AC main spindle motor 74 kW
Torque Level 1 at 100% duty cycle 7.572 Nm
Torque Level 2 at 100% duty cycle 1.968 Nm
Turning/milling head 70 kW
Rated torque max. 430 Nm
Top speed 8.000 rpm

Impressive flexibility and performance – the Weingartner MPMC600-5000, is a versatile machining centre ideal for various types of machining such as turning and milling (including B-axis), boring, thread cutting, deep-hole drilling or complex inside machining with vibration-cushioned bore rods.

Workpiece inspection incorporated in the processing cycle and also tool inspection combined with a powerful software suite top off the “Single Source Total Solution”. The programmable NC tailstock and steady rest slide, the automatic tool change, a heavy lift magazine and the milling head with integrated heavy-duty motor spindle on the MPMC600-5000 guarantee optimum productivity!

Exciting customers with new solutions!

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