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6.5 m depth… the interieur of the furnace | Photography: Herbert Heim
6.5 m depth… the interieur of the furnace

The WMS large annealing furnace with the latest burner technology

Nobody really knows what tomorrow will bring. But WMS is working feverishly to ensure that we will still exceed all expectations with innovative systems and ideas.

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The new gas-fired annealing furnace with air circulation and hearth carriage is characterised above all by its perfect temperature accuracy, rapid heat transfer at lower temperatures and outstanding cost and energy efficiency. The furnace system can handle temperatures of up to 700° C and is ideal for tempering or stress-relief annealing. The powerful air circulation achieves a uniform temperature distribution in the furnace interior.

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The path to perfect parts with tailor-made properties is reached via robust technology and innovative processes.

  • Interior dimensions: 2.400 x 1.800 x 6.500 mm (w x h x l)
  • Maximum batch weight: 20.000 kg
  • Total burner power: 720 kW
  • Number of circulating motors: 4 pieces
  • Cold air, high speed burners: 8 pieces

Loading the hearth carriage with a heavy forklift | Photography: Herbert Heim
Loading the hearth carriage with a heavy forklift

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The insulation is designed in such a way that a theoretically calculated outside temperature of 55° C is achieved with a surrounding temperature of 25° C and a furnace chamber temperature of 700° C.

The sides, ceiling, back and front of the energy-saving annealing furnace consist entirely of ceramic insulating panels with fixing anchors.

  • Digital process control and regulation device as a display and SPS system.
  • Completely pre-configured and programmed with software.

WMS quality - the result of consistent developments

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