Milling | Reiden BFR23

Heidenhain control of the Reiden milling centre | Photo: Herbert Heim
Heidenhain control of the Reiden milling centre

The "mutated" special machine BFR 23 enables us to process the most difficult drilling and milling operations of shafts, casing, chucking and flange components with seven axes. By means of our self-constructed pump system we are able to produce deep hole drilling operations with 80 bar and 40 l/min resp. 20 bar and 400 l/min. Examples of use are e.g. the diameter 7.4 mm / depth 390 mm up to a diameter of 65 mm / depth of 1,200 mm.

Operating capacity

X-axis (longitudinal axis) 3.000 mm
Y-axis (diagonal axis) 1.200 mm
Z-axis (vertical axis) 1.500 mm
Clamping surface rigid table 2.500 mm
Clamping surface round table 1.250 mm
A-axis (infinitely variable) for shaft processing 360°
B-axis (infinitely variable) +/- 180°
C-axis (infinitely variable) 360°
ASK-axis 0° - 90° (2,5° / 15°)
Table loading max. 8.000 kg
Control Heidenhain iTNC530

We completely reworked the ground machine BFT 23 and equipped it with numerous special options and in-house developments. By using a dividing head, tailstock and various back rests, it is also possible to process heavy shafts in 5-axis operation.

See the WMS photogallery - Milling on the Reiden BFR23 | Photo: Herbert Heim

Production pictures

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