Turning | MAG Boehringer DUS1110ti

WMS production - MAG Boehringer DUS1110ti | Photo: Herbert Heim
Turning on up to 6 metres of length

We use these machines in large-sized parts production for processing components up to 6 metres of length and 8 t of weight. Due to the great revolution of 1,110 mm also large chucking and flange components can be processed. Powered tools and a C-axis provide complex possibilities of processing and therefore economic and cost-saving setup times and component prices. By means of in-house construction we are able to carry out deep hole drilling operations of a diameter up to 160 mm at 1,600 mm of depth.

Operating capacity

Turning diameter over bed and carriage 810 mm
Turning diameter over back rest carriage 580 mm
Turning length 6.000 mm
Revolution 1.110 mm
Component weight max. 8.000 kg
Control Siemens Sinumerik 840D

A DUS 1110ti, which was turned into a special machine by means of numerous alteration measures, serves as a basis for this turning machine. Therefore deep hole drilling is also possible, apart from powered tools and a C-axis. Back rests with an operating capacity of 125 - 460 mm and 245 - 580 mm are available for this purpose.

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Production pictures

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